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How to correctly configuration hammer crusher in cement plant

Hammer crusher is a very common crushing equipment, it has advanced structure, reliable performance, steady work and low energy consumption, suitable for crushing medium hardness and brittle materials, such as limestone, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, coal and so on.

How to choose the material of the hammer?
Without product quality assurance, it will bring a range of operation and maintenance problems. In general, the production of cement production line is different, and then the size of the model chosen crusher is also different. For large crushers, the feed particle size> 400 mm, and the use of hammerhead single weighing is 50-125 kg and with high toughness, so it should use ultra-high manganese alloy steel. Because of the large impact force, the surface makes plastic deformation and it will generate a strong cold deformation strengthening, thus obtaining a high abrasion resistance, the newly exposed surface can be obtained under conditions of impact and abrasion of a new hardening layer after the surface abrasion. For small and medium-sized crusher, the feed size <200mm, hammer unit weight below 50kg, it should choose the carbon content ceiling alloy high manganese steel or medium carbon alloy steel. The relatively small impact cannot give full play to the ordinary high-manganese steel hardening capacity, and thus the machine do not wear. For small crusher, feeding particle size of <50mm, weight less than 15kg of single hammerhead, smaller by the impact, not suitable selection of high-manganese steel, it is suitable for use composite casting hammer.

Vipeak puts forward cement crusher - large single-stage hammer crusher , it can broken chunk of stone, which can replace the traditional two-stage crushing, professionally used to improve the cement crushing efficiency and simplify the process, significant savings infrastructure investment and production costs.


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