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Stone crusher and jaw crusher price
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According to statistics, we crush ore material with stone crusher, the total power consumption is 30% of total industrial energy consumption, and this data reflected that production capacity and energy reduction targets of stone crusher are potential to improve.

Vipeak heavy industry produced stone crusher, which has unique structures and new principle, it can achieve to save energy of stone crusher. Jaw crusher has high and deep crushing chamber and the smaller the grinding edges, that improving the overall crushing capacity, increasing the crushing ratio, reducing wear and tear of equipment. Vipeak latest jaw crusher with dual-chamber is widely used currently and it has large crushing capacity, strong practical. The device is symmetrical to the eccentric axis as a center, which left and right sides of the movable jaw teeth have an active plate and formed crushing chamber I and II with the fixed tooth plate. The machine is a typical four structures, when the crank is reversed in the angle range mouth, crushing chamber I is crushing, II is discharging; when the crank turn range of 360 ---- a, II is crushing, l is nesting, reciprocating cycle, product size is small, the material is broken sufficiently, the motor capacity is fully utilized, the production capacity is doubled.

Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is renowned jaw crushing equipment manufacturer in China. Jaw Crusher produced by Vipeak is affordable and innovative, welcome new and old customers to consult.