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The beneficiation impact crusher conforms to the requirement of processing nickel oxide ore

Nickel ore is a kind of important non-ferrous metal raw material, is used to make stainless steel, high nickel alloy steel and alloy structural steel, widely used in aircraft, radar, missiles, tanks, ships, spacecraft, reactor and other military industrial manufacturing. In the civilian industry, nickel ore is often made of structural steel, acid steel, heat-resistant steel, such as a large number of used in all kinds of machinery manufacturing. Nickel may also make ceramic pigment and anti-corrosion coating, nickel cobalt alloy is a kind of permanent magnetic material, widely used in electronic remote control, atomic energy industry and ultrasound technology and other fields, in the chemical industry, nickel is commonly used as a hydrogenation catalyst. Due to nickel has good performance, has become the development of modern aviation industry, national defense industry and the establishment of high level human indispensable metal material and cultural life of modern system. Nickel ore has many types, the widespread nature of nickel sulfide ore, such as peridotite is 1000 times that of the nickel for the granite, gabbro nickel for granite 80 times.

Known to contain nickel mineral is about more than 50 kinds. Nickel sulfide, such as pyrite, and violarite free nickel sulfide form, there are quite a number of nickel with such quality as occurrence in pyrrhotite. Learned, nickel industry in China started in 1957 in sichuan province energy saving landmark nickel mining, although small scale of production, filled the gap of nickel industry in China in the 90 s, because of, kara pass grams of nickel ore in xinjiang, yunnan, nickel ore and JiLinChi nickel mines, building on the development and production, makes the development of nickel industry in China on a new step. Due to nickel in the nickel oxide ore often in class with like dispersed in the gangue minerals, and the granularity is very thin, so it can not use mechanical beneficiation method for enrichment, can direct smelting.

Usually the crushing, screening and grading process first prior removal of weathering degree is weak, low nickel large pieces of rock, improve the quality of the nickel oxide ore. The crusher equipment can choose impact crusher for basic pieces, Vipeak heavy industry for beneficiation production of ore breaking technology introduced a variety of crusher equipment, for metal ore dressing ore breaking technology conducted in-depth research, more in line with the crushing equipment of mineral processing application.


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