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Process of sand and gravel aggregate grading and the relationship of stone crusher

Sand aggregate processing system can be divided into artificial aggregate processing system and the natural application processing system of two basic types, mainly according to the main body project selection based on nearby material sources which form of sand aggregate processing system, sufficient material sources, for natural aggregate and grading is suitable generally uses natural sand aggregate processing system; Is not sufficient to natural aggregate material sources, or sufficient material sources but the difference between graded large, while the abandon rate of big generally adopts the artificial aggregate processing system.

Typical artificial sand aggregate production process, intermediate goods production - fine crusher gravel sand mechanism sand production - > system - > return water use and wastewater treatment. Refers to a piece of artificial aggregate of semi-finished products stone material after crushed products, particle size of the largest general control in the mill impact crusher broken allows the largest feed particle size. According to the need of the terrain conditions and production, appropriate after coarse crushing equipment or in the second set between coarse crushing equipment and screening building semi-finished products storage area, also can set smaller capacity bunker adjustment. Will transport to the sieving floor of crushing plant products to sieving classification, and excess aggregate transportation to crushing plant processing cycle path again. In artificial sand aggregate processing system design, the general cone crusher, the main configuration and configuration system sand machine, sand are two kinds of material according to certain proportion and distribution, improve the quality of manufactured sand.

Thus the type of crusher, should with the physical properties of the processed stone, requirements of crushing capacity, crushing particle size of the product and equipment configuration requirements, using impact crusher (sand making machine) and counterattack crusher grain shape is good. Especially with vico heavy industry launched VSI series of sand making machine, with gravel and plastic two big functions, simple structure, convenient operation, reliable equipment, grain of products, and uniform particle size distribution, level with regularity, and the advantages of stable quality, midway equipped with related equipment is suitable for grinding all kinds of soft, medium and hard stone.


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