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Cone crusher has the advantage adopts the flat cone of the crushing cavity and eccentric shaft

Symons cone crusher crushing cavity type belongs to the cone type, there are smaller shaft sleeve of eccentric distance, low speed, discharging mouth are controlled within a certain range, and large driving power, is called high-energy crusher. When designing the crushing cavity, should give full play to the crushing of the material between the layers, make the material from the feeding mouth to mouth nesting suffered more times in the process of crushing. Either type cavity, should try to uniform feeding, for the evenness of liner wear.

Cone crusher in sports often occur in the process of the fault is caused by deflection of eccentric shaft sleeve and the crushing cone round bushing and top or bottom of the conical bushing contact, produce very big pressure on the bushing at the same time, and make the bushing produces indentation, even crack and rupture occurred. Deflection is serious, the crushing cone will to great revolution turning in the direction of the rotation of the eccentric shaft sleeve, and the oil temperature rise sharply.

In order to analyze the causes of these failures, must study the force in the eccentric shaft sleeve and the spherical bearing balance issue. Spherical bearing seat and the base of fit clearance due to the pulse of alternating load effect and growing, forcing spherical bearing seat on the frame swing, cause the deviation of the crushing cone, cone shaft and cone sleeves cannot even contact. Eccentric parts due to wear and tear, fit clearance increases, it will also make the taper shaft deflection occurred during tapered bushing. Eccentric parts at the bottom of the thrust bearing, thrust disc uneven wear can also cause deflection of eccentric shaft sleeve.


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