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Vipeak limestone stone crusher machine builds ore material best crushing equipment

At present, the jaw crusher is mainly used in the first crushing process, crushing production line can be used alone, can also be broken and other products supporting the use. This series used in cement production line installation, economic benefit is very obvious. Especially special crushing limestone, cement production line put into the market soon after use by cement users favor and praise.

crusher equipment for deep cavity, broken stroke length, material crushing, crushing process at one time, efforts to feed up to 125 mm ~ 1020 mm, can be broken is not greater than 320 mpa compressive strength of materials, the comparison of similar products, production is greater. motor drive belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move up and down movement , when moving jaw rises cubits plate and moving jaw Angle between larger, pushing dynamic jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate, at the same time the limestone multiple broken by extrusion, rolling, grinding, etc. When moving downward of hubei, bracket and smaller Angle between hubei, dynamic jaw plate under the action of rod and spring away from fixed jaw plate, now broken limestone from crushing cavity mouth eduction, along with the continuous rotation motor broken motor for periodic crushing and discharging limestone mass production.

Vipeak heavy series stone crusher machine after many experiments and improvements, the advancing of technology, product constantly updated, and the latest PE1200 * 1500 jaw crusher, vipeak heavy broken inside the material are all made of impact resistant, wear resistant material, so the limestone in a squeezed the impact process is formed on the state, make the material piece of mutual impact, reduce directly impact hammer and material boards, reduces the energy consumption. In terms of design and production of large jaw broken, vipeak heavy industry has been in the domestic leading level.

At the same time, vipeak series jaw crusher equipment processing coal and limestone value will be unusual. Hitches in practical application of coal gangue crusher and limestone crusher after processing, the application will be greatly extended, are widely used in various industries, great value. Vipeak heavy machinery will continue to achieve environmental goals of the country and continue to development and production of these materials for crusher equipment.


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