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Vipeak mobile crusher plant has a strong applicability

As the major construction projects, sand and gravel aggregate demand, sand and gravel equipment based on new starting point, form a new breakthrough, a new level of key period, domestic infrastructure construction stride for sand and gravel equipment of energy. Learned, large-scale highway construction of the project is divided into several construction stages, the cycle is generally between one to two years, period of artificial application demand in short supply, and the highway engineering construction line, such as a highway construction project supply all the required application consists of a yard, so transportation distance is very far, greatly increase the construction cost, but also because of the massive mining stone in one place, vegetation, river, near to the natural landscape such as the ecological environment caused no small impact.

Mobile crusher plant produced mechanism of the fineness modulus of sand, stone powder content, gravel gradation, the needle flake content, such as the level parameter indexes have meet the highway Bridges, tunnels, roads and other material requirements of the project, production out of the sand and gravel aggregate specifications of finished products conform to the requirements of the highway. With the traditional way of using stationary crushing plant broken than mobile crushing sieving equipment without infrastructure investment, no relocation costs, characterized by the good mobile convenience, applicability, economy, can be directly on the site and broken, even the production of products.

Movable artificial aggregate processing system and the traditional artificial aggregate processing system of the production process is basically the same, only the movable artificial aggregate processing system to reduce the intermediate links, to shorten the transportation distance of the material, improve the degree of automation, optimize the equipment configuration and arrangement, from the perspective on the use effect is superior to the traditional artificial aggregate processing system.

The success of mobile crushing plant to market, in addition to outside the ore effective manufacturing of sand stone, in the field of construction waste disposal has also had a strong response, through the practice has proved that dealing with construction waste mobile crushing station is the most to force equipment. Effective recovery and utilization of construction waste, the prosperous development of sand industry in China is of great significance. Mobile crushing station set by materials, process equipment, such as crushing, transmitted through process optimization has the great rock crushing, aggregate production, open-pit mining crushing operation performance, through the different type of joint, constitute a powerful line broken homework, finish demand more processing work.


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