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Vipeak heavy industry crusher manufacturer offers a variety of highway crusher

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Vipeak heavy industry crusher manufacturer offers a variety of highway crusher

Highway origin is appeared in the 1930 s, the western developed countries provide special service infrastructure as car traffic, development until now, more than 80 countries and regions around the world have highway, highway development is not only the needs of the economy, is a part of human civilization and the modern life. Highway requirement for the quality of stone crusher of China highway construction development soon, as the basic raw materials in the highway construction of gravel production also got great development.

For highway asphalt and concrete pavement whether using SMA or other techniques, both the grain shape, gradation of stone put forward higher requirements, especially for gravel, the needle flake content in the original processing technology can not meet the requirements. Highway quality requirements is strict on the use of stone, is also the highway crusher and crusher high demand, the quality of the stone, including two aspects: one is the resource characteristics of gravel mechanical strength, durability, chemical stability, surface properties and the presence of undesirable impurities, etc.; Second, processing characteristics, mainly including particle size and size distribution, particle shape, particle composition, cleanliness, and the consistency of the 0.075 mm particle content, etc.

There are many kinds of crusher have mandibles crusher, counterattack crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, the crusher is applied on the building of the railway, highway, stones and broken, in the process of artificial sand production and other work. But vico heavy industry to meet the requirements of pavement crusher manufacturer recommended late to use new types of counterattack crusher and impact crusher, in highway stone crushing and plastic processing, more able to accord with the requirement of highway crusher.

Vipeak heavy industry is a professional crusher manufacturer, production and sales experience for many years, let us know more about the needs of customers, introduce the road gravel highway crusher, crusher and a complete set of production line are praised by highway construction. Welcome to click on customer service consulting information such as highway, highway crusher crusher price factory.


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