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Jaw stone crusher liner wear factors affecting

Jaw stone crusher crushing the most widely used in engineering a broken device. It works by motor power through the transmission will pass to the eccentric shaft and eccentric shaft by the eccentric movement to move pieces back and forth relative to the fixed stars as a swing. So that the material falling into the crushing chamber by repeated squeezing, the role of splitting and bending the material broken. In the broken material and nesting process, the material while moving my jaw and fixed liner friction generated, resulting in lining wear. Affect the jaw stone crusher liner wear factors affecting the three main areas:

1 nature of the materials to be broken: but the nature of the materials to be broken is not man-made changes and choices.

2. Lining Material: lining material can be selected and changed, but the good material is to enhance the cost price, on the basis that in addition to technical performance, the main consideration a comprehensive economic indicators.

3 jaw movement conditions: This decision was broken with nesting material in the crushing process and the relative motion between the liner and force status.
Crusher different structural design, structural parameters and the cavity shape will be different moving jaw trajectory. Of jaw crusher liner movement and materials broken, the relationship between liner wear, reasonable structural arrangement, institutional preferences, the crushing chamber shape is optimized to effect energy saving design with a new jaw stone crusher.

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