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Technological process and price list of Ball mill

Zhengzhou Vipeak is a Ball Mill manufacturer, the ball mill that Vipeak produced is high quality and high technology. Ball mill is the key equipment for the material being broken again after crushing. The series of Ball Mill is widely used in grinding clinker, carbonate, fireproof stuff, and chemical materials, also can be used in Beneficiation industry to grind the ores before selection. It can be divided into dry grinding and wet grinding.

Why Ball Mill play an important role in beneficiation industry? Let us tell you the reasons. There are plenty of grinding methods in grinding industry. While ball mill can be applied to grind all kinds of ores and other materials, and it is commonly used to grind building material, chemical industries and beneficiation industry.
According to different ore discharges, ball mill can be divided into Tube ball mill and Overflow
Type ball mill. The ball mill is made from feeding department, discharging department, rotary department, reduction gear, small transmission gear motor, and electronic control. Hollow shaft adopts steel castings inside; rotary gear wheel adopts hobbing to process its rotary and process wear-resisting board. By this, the gear has abrasion performance, and works smoothly.

There are two lubrication technologies.
1. Manual lubrication is one of the most backward lubrication methods, this method cannot on lubricating dosage control, and lubricating oil waste is very serious;

2. The oil pool splash lubrication is the most commonly used in a lubricating process, it is the initiative of the small gear of a partially submerged in a pool of oil, depending on the rotation of the pinion to lubricating oil up through gear meshing, the lubricating oil to the passive ring gear of ball mill, the lubricating process also not to lubricating dosage control, the waste of the lubricating oil is also very serious, but also on the environment pollution caused by the operation of equipment; at the same time, because the gear caused by the wear of metal powder into the pool, causing oil pollution, and the contaminated lubricating oil will aggravate the wear of the gear.


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