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Install hammer crusher hammer should pay attention to what the problem?

IInstall hammer crusher hammer should pay attention to what the problem?
Has 30 years experience in the domestic production of hammer crusher manufacturer Songyang machinery, can responsibly say, proper installation, hammer crusher hammer can not only increase production, but also extend the hammer crusher hammer life.
Hammer crusher hammer of different materials through the full realization of the role of repeated hammering and crushing of material production, hammer crusher in order to ensure stable and efficient production, the equipment installation should ensure that their transmission, bearings and other components installed accurate, flexible drive, in the hammer crusher bearing installation, pay attention to the bearing assembly according to the different tuning to achieve efficient production, to the maximum extent, extend equipment life.

1, deep groove ball bearing assembly attention. Deep groove ball bearings in high speed running, can withstand a certain degree of radial load and axial load, but do not have the tone heart and mind, in particular the assembly process of the coaxial bearings with certain requirements, and can not compensate for shaft running of the deflection and deformation of the resulting shell concentricity error, so when the hammer crusher bearings in the assembly process is not high or coaxial shaft spacing is too large, the operation will be very prone to the phenomenon of ball, bearings in high speed rotation due to too much resistance, high temperature leading to bearing damage.

2,-aligning roller bearing assembly of attention. Spherical roller bearings Deep groove ball bearings as opposed to a lower speed, main radial load, the specific production run, you can not bear the pure axial load, has a good tone heart and mind, to promptly compensate concentricity error, the specific the use of the coaxial bearings are better aligning roller bearings can bear the load and speed is greater. Therefore, in the heart swap roller bearings or deep groove ball bearing assembly, must maintain the bearing and shaft, bearings and bearing between the exact location of the axis to maintain a reasonable distance, to avoid the bearing temperature rise and resistance causes parts of the equipment damage to the hammer crusher impact the normal operation.Atile from:http://www.crushertrade.com

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