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Crusher maintenance and lubrication maintenance

Crusher, like humans, need maintenance, but maintenance of the machine we need to love him, and to make efforts. To ensure the crusher and continue the normal work life of the machine, the user should carry out regular maintenance and aircraft maintenance. New machines put into operation, class work must be completed to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine. About two weeks after the operation, the machine just a month to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Equipment, motor, lubrication need a week to conduct a comprehensive examination. Inspection includes a fixed part of the fastening, belt drive, bearings seals. Electrical switch situation. Must be the main parts of the machine each week, such as hammer, back lining, lining wear inspection, combined to establish a regular maintenance cycle maintenance and replacement systems.
1, the crusher of the hammer
Hammer should be worn to a certain extent to adjust or replace them, in order to avoid damage to fasteners and other components. After using the device will flip open shelves. Turn the rotor by hand, will need to adjust or replace the hammer go to repair the door, and then fixed rotor. Remove positioning plate hammer parts. Then pressed out along the axial split. Then the hammer along the axial direction from the access door at the launch, or hanging out from the rack. Required demolition hammer on the hammer in his hand tapping. Mounting plate hammer, reverse the above steps. But it must be noted that approximately the same weight hammer installed in the relative position, in order to avoid imbalance in the rotor work.
2, the counter-counterattack crusher liner
After the cover open, remove the back liner using a fixed cotter pin, slotted nut, bolt, the back can be worn liner replacement. If you install a new counter-liner, reverse the above steps.
3, the rotor crusher gap adjustment and back liner
When the rotor is running, the rotor and the gap between the counter-liner can not be adjusted. If the material into blocks remain in the back between the plate and shell, it is recommended to re-adjust the gap slightly before lifting back frame, so blocks of the feed become loose, easy to adjust the frame counter, frame counter if insufficient, can relax lever on the tap (with a piece of wood protection), the rotor and contrasting panels to adjust the gap by the machine to complete installation, first loosen the set screw 2, and 3 in the rotation long nut, this time, the arrow along the rod 1 direction, and then adjusting the set of 2 screw tightening. (Note: Be sure to tighten). Replacement of wearing parts, the first opened shelves. Use, the first after the shelves and remove the bolts in the connection box, and then use the wrench hex head part of the clamshell device, after the shelves will slowly open, in the meantime, you can use the top rack of hanging device Diaozhu after the aircraft. Repeat the above process, which means that on the shelves after.

4, crusher liner
Adjustments need to be opened back lining the shelves, all wearing heavy liner allows the geographical area and wear lighter exchange. When an inside lining is worn only on one side to do, it can be rotated 90 กใ or 180 กใ to use. Backlog of materials found stuck in the back shelf above the counter-attack aircraft, to be used washers and bolts side of the mat in the frame lining behind the counter to reduce the gap, to avoid this phenomenon.
5, crusher of the bottom of the inlet gap adjustment between hammer and plate
In the bottom of the inlet side of steel, the moment when the material at the corner of the wear and tear, can be rotated 90 กใ to control the next without breaking the aggregate material. Adjustment, the need to remove the side cover side of the rack, and then out of square steel, and then into the rotation.
6, lubrication
Lubrication instructions must be strictly observed to ensure high efficiency crusher normal work. Spindle bearings at both ends of molybdenum disulfide grease (lithium grease 3) lubrication. Usually add the amount of each bearing 6 g / 50 hours. Oil change once every three months. Before the application of clean fuel oil or kerosene to rinse carefully the bearing, adding to the bearing grease inside the bearing cavity volume of 50-70%.
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