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How does stone crusher work?

Stone crusher is a general-purpose machinery and equipment in industrial production as is mainly used to make sands and produce small stone. Stone crusher use one or several working principle to crusher stone. According to the final size of stone, we use different stone crusher to work together. Stone crusher machine can be divided into many kinds, according to workong principle, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher etc. Stone crusher is one kind of our main products. Our stone crusher machine contains jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, VSI crusher, mobile crusher, hammer crusher etc. According to customer's request, we can configure different sand making production line and stone production line.
Stone crusher is generally installed above the concrete foundation. Given the weight of a larger stone crusher, poor working conditions, and the machine in operation again with great force of inertia to promote the foundation and the machine phylogenetic vibration. Based on vibration are directly caused by other machinery and equipment and building structures vibration. Therefore, the foundation stone crusher must be separated with the plant base. Meanwhile, in order to reduce vibration, in the stone foundation and frame machine is placed between the rubber pad, or timber.
Proper operation is to ensure a continuous work Stone crusher an important factor. Improper operation or negligence in the operation, often caused by equipment and personal accident important reasons. Correct operation is to strictly follow the rules and regulations.
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Preparation before the start of work: in the crusher machine starts, it will have the equipment to conduct a comprehensive double-check: Check the wear plate broken teeth, adjusting well Pai mine mouth size; check whether the ore crushing cavity, if large pieces of ore must be removed; connection bolt is loose; pulley and flywheel housings to protect the integrity of; triangle belt and bar spring tightness is appropriate; storage tank (or the dry oil storage device) to fill the oil level and lubrication system intact situation; electrical equipment and signal systems are in working and so on.
Notes on operation:
Stone crusher before you start, it should first activate the pump motor and cooling system, after 3-4 minutes, until the oil pressure and oil flow indicator is normal, and then activate the motor stone crusher.
After startup, if the stone emits unusual percussion sound, should stop operation, to identify and eliminate defects, restart the machine.
Stone crusher to be no-load start, starts after a period of time, in normal operation before starting to mine equipment. To the ore into the crusher machine should be gradually increased until the full load operation.
Operation should be noted that even to the mine, ore crushing chamber packed allowed; and the maximum size to the ore block to the mine mouth should not be larger than 0.85 times the width. At the same time, when the guard shovel to mine the shovel teeth and the drill rig and other non-crushing objects into Stone crusher. Once the discovery of these non-crushing objects into the crushing chamber, but through the port of discharge of the machine, it shall immediately notify the belt transport jobs out in time to avoid a rock into the next plane, resulting in serious incidents of equipment.
Operation of the process, they often note that large mining machines to the stone blocks of stuck mine mouth, if you have stuck, will be to use the hooks to flip ore; if large pieces of ore need to remove the crushing chamber, it should be used specialized equipment, is strictly prohibited to carry out these tasks by hand in order to avoid accidents.
Operation which, if given too much or ore crushing chamber block, it should be suspended to mine the ore cavity to be.The source link:http://www.crushertrade.com

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