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Gravel used in construction equipment in the stone crusher production line in the application of gravel

With our high-speed railway, highway and city's to develop, stone crusher production has become a large industry, building stone showing a tremendous and unprecedented demands. To this end, domestic cement companies this year have started to enter the building with the stone crusher production, trying to extend its industrial chain to realize the company's rapid transformation and upgrading. Can be expected, construction rubble along with production equipment will also be actively developed.
China has been put into operation a number of building stone production line, production capacity varies, but basically the same equipment used by major equipment are vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher and Circular Vibrating Screen, etc. auxiliary equipment for the belt conveyor and dust removal system equipment.
Existing stone crusher production line process is roughly: from mine ore lump ores by vibrating feeder evenly positions sent by the jaw crusher for primary crushing, ore contained in the fine-grained soil by vibrating feeder pre-screening machine by a belt conveyor away. After crushing the ore into the crusher to a chronology; after crushing the ore sent round by a belt conveyor to vibrating screen screening to meet the size requirements of the stone crusher production from the finished product sent to the belt conveyor grain heap; does not meet the size requirements of stone from the conveyor to return, and then counterattack crusher broken again, form a closed loop, in order to improve resource utilization.
In the production of building rubble, building stone crusher with the rapid development of industry, a variety of stone crushing equipment widely used. Vipeak's stone crusher line production line for large particle size, can withstand a greater pressure on ore, safe and reliable operation, feed stable, comprehensive and low cost characteristics of late, but mine have been put in the cement used for many years, Dawn Heavy Industries for its production of crushed stone production line performance and operation and maintenance techniques to ensure adequate, with the rapid development of economic construction, Vipeak heavy industry stone crusher production equipment in the building will be used stone crusher production more widely used.http://www.crushertrade.com
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