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Jaw crusher can increase the utilization of pyrite

Crusher has become the mining industry was indispensable to assistant crusher used in chemical, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal, glass and other industries. Especially now that the exploitation of mineral resources processing, it is ultimately crusher applications. Vico Heavy professional production crusher, sand making machine, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making production line, sand and gravel production lines and other large mechanical equipment.
Pyrite specific process for the beneficiation process in the lower outlet hopper with feed truck, the material through a crusher, crushing two after delivery by the transfer station to the silo, silo below the bottom of exports has feeder with the ball mill inlet connection, the ball mill grinding of the material followed by a magnetic separator, two magnetic separator, forging mill, three magnetic separator, magnetic separator four, five magnetic separation machines, six magnetic separator magnetic separator, the magnetic material in the settling tank containing sediment that was iron ore. Iron ore tailings after sorting sedimentation tanks connected tank and sulfur, in sulfur than the major advantage of the characteristics, obtained after precipitation of sulfur, sulfur and then transported to the flotation device within the flotation, flotation through again settler that was fine sulfur; yield of iron ore through the screening of more than 99% iron grade of more than 68%, sulfur grade of up to 45%, and low cost, high-profit, to avoid waste of resources advantages.
Mainly pyrite a broken jaw crusher, secondary crusher is generally used, Vico PE jaw crusher chamber depth, and with no dead zone, greatly increased capacity and production of feed, the use of pad chip discharge opening adjustment device, reliable and convenient, adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the equipment, stand-alone energy-saving 15% to 30%, more than double the energy system is the most energy efficient ore crushing equipment, secondary crushing counter-attack Crusher has changed the traditional back-breaking single broken model, a three-chamber and two chamber like a combination of crushing, greatly improves the counterattack crusher applications.
With the entry of foreign capital, further exacerbated the extent of mining machinery market competition, the domestic machinery enterprises in order to break the tide in the competition a head start, its primary task is to strengthen the existing broken equipment, quality and technical content, to narrow the and foreign well-known gap between the machinery industry, and create their own brand, the initiative for the market!http://www.crushertrade.com

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