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How much does the stone crushing quarry cost

Different drilling and blasting strategies to improve blasting efficiency have been evaluated£®The results of each strategy were compared by means of visual site investigation after blasting and calculating the total cost perton ofthe broken rock£® Site investigation had shown that the third strategy had overcome the problem of unexploded ANFO£®Un¡ªexploded ANFO was not seen after the blasting£®and also visual inspection showed significant decrease in the number of oversize boulders£®Another proper approach to evaluate different strategies is a comparison of unit production costs£®
Since the Objective iS to minimize the production cost of per ton rock£¬then the resulting cost of each strategy should be calculated£®For that reason£¬the comparablecosts were estimated£®Th ese are drilling cost£¬blasting cost and secondary breaking(hydraulic hammer)cost£®
In this quarry£¬the required size of broken rock should be provided before loading for hauling£®Th erefore a hydraulic hammer iS used to break oversize boulders.In order to estimate the drilling and secondary breaking cost of per ton limestone£¬the unit cost of driller and hydraulic ham er has been estimated as $£¯h that includes ownership and operating costs£®The results were 54£®1l$£¯h for driller and 44£®46$£¯h for hy¡ªdraulic ham er£®Then the total working time of driller and ham er had been recorded for each blasting£®Since the production of each blasting had been found by weighting£¬the unit production cost was calculated by multiplying the total working time with the unit cost of equipment and dividing the result by total pro¡ªduction£®Th e blasting cost consisted of the cost of ANFO£®dynami te and fuse£®Th e summ ary of the re¡ªsuits is given in.Article from:http://www.crushertrade.com

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