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stone crusher hammer welding preparation and attention

Stone crusher hammer surfacing in advance to do a good job cleaning preparations, in order to facilitate and to save raw materials, it is recommended for at least surfacing more than eight hammerhead. Surfacing is required before the surfacing of the site is very strict clean-up, including oxide, grease, rust, etc., all must be clean. Clean up after, we must also use broken hammer dedicated developer stalls throughout the liquid applied to the hammer on, check the hammer to crack, if the hammer inside the cracked, need to use the angle grinder to grind a can see the crack groove out special electrode with a hammer, then make up a good surfacing surfacing of interlayer.
In order to increase the solid surfacing layer, first surfacing at the welding electrode in a layer of transition layer. It is best to use a DC welder, current from 120A to 130A for the best. Multiple hammer-by welding, and can not be continuously surfacing. Afraid of hot and cold welding way.
Under normal circumstances, two layers of buffer layer can be the final size of not more than 1 cm, but if the hammer is badly worn, as the case may more welding the grassroots level. Need to pay attention to cleaning up the transition layer between the welding slag, and the temperature between the layers can not be too high, otherwise it will cause embrittlement of surfacing layer damaged, unable to achieve the desired surfacing due to overheating. Maximize the use of short-arc skip welding or short-segment welding welding and intermittent welding process measures, each weld completed, the hot hand hammer welded joints beat, so that the stress is completely eliminated.Source from:http://www.crushertrade.com/

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