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Get information about gangue stone crusher

Gangue stone crusher is a dual-rotor two consecutive broken sieve device, and a variety of wet residue can be broken at any time, both in the water, putting to broken, there is no bonding jams, control material size only needs to adjust stone the gap between the can crusher's hammer. stone crusher, generally because the material stuck in the crushing cavity caused by congestion, increased wear resulting in relevant parts, this series of stone crusher completed can avoid the above phenomenon. gangue stone crusher because of its unique structural design and wide range of applications, also known as no sieve bottom stong crusher, slag stone crusher, cinder, stone crusher, shale, stone crusher.
Gangue stone crusher scope of application: The stone crusher is especially suitable for crushing, brick slag, shale, coal cinder, coal gangue, construction waste and other materials to solve the gangue, coal cinder brick factory material to add, within the fuel; gangue shale production standard brick, hollow brick crushed by the humidity of materials problems. Gangue stone crusher is mainly used for coal, gangue, slag, steel slag, limestone, coke, galena, siderite, sphalerite, limonite, etc., the compressive strength of not more than 150Mpa materials, it is particularly suitable for the material size requirements are smaller, the moisture content of the crushing of brittle materials, widely used in chemical, electrical, aluminum, mining, mining machinery, mineral processing and other industries.
Machine Construction: This machine is mainly composed by rack, rotors, linings, hammer and other machinery parts, drive sheave, material, both because of the high-speed rotor rotary hammer drive the material facing the shock of the broken plate was broken. Rack is divided into two parts within the cleaning chamber is equipped with wear-resistant protective liner to protect against wear and deformation of the body within the body and under body, rotor, respectively, the rotor shaft, the middle disc, the end of the disc, hammer axis , hammerhead and other mechanical parts.
Gangue stone crusher working principle based on the work, motor driven, co-concatenation of the two sets of rotor and high-speed rotation, the material crushed immediately by the rapid rotation of the lower rotor hammer again crushing machine cavity by the higher rotor cavity material rapid mutual collision, smash each other to hammer powder, the effect of the material powder to form a cinder particle discharge size of less than 3 mm. This particle size is fully able to meet the requirements of the brick house as the internal combustion brickmaking.Source:http://www.crushertrade.com/

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