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The notices in choosing crusher plant

The crusher is a common mineral processing equipment, broken equipment, the installation is carried out before crushing operations process, and only installed the broken equipment in order to better carry out the crushing operations. Broken equipment Installation
(1) whether the manufacturers site installation, the manufacturer's technical staff has experience in one-time installation in place, install their own instability and other issues affecting the machine work efficiency may occur
(2) factory pre-installation measurement of topography, terrain, if not measured, then the production line is too long or decisively affect the installation progress may appear.
(3) time of installation factory technical personnel to guide their operational processes, and only technology to the customer, in order to allow customers and stability to carry out the processing operations.
(4) fill out the warranty card, generally broken equipment warranty for one year, the middle of any technical problems may require the factory door handle.
Sale before:
(1) according to the needs of customers, guiding the customer to configure the most suitable equipment models.
(2) provide a list of equipment, equipment layout, civil foundation drawings, equipment installation and map the relevant technical information for reference.
(3) according to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture of products.
Engineering and technical personnel (4) free of charge to the user site to guide users planning site, design processes and programs of the best installation for reference.
(1) strictly in accordance with the relevant technical standards of production.
(2) the relevant provisions of the equipment test machine to test machine.
(3) rigorous testing before leaving the factory.
(4) in a timely manner in accordance with the contract delivery organization.
After-sales ::
(1) assign a dedicated service personnel to reach the scene to guide customers installation and commissioning, trial run, on-site training of operators.
(2) device implements three packages, the warranty period of one year (normal wear and tear, wearing parts and improper operation caused damage to parts) domestic customers within the warranty period, such as the crusher failure, I guarantee after the call and in a timely manner arrived at the scene, troubleshooting, and protect the user's normal production.http://www.crushertrade.com/

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