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Coal Gangue Crusher's performance and specialty

Vipeak Coal Gangue Crusher is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving crusher. It requirement strick quality in processing. In the constant technical improvement and innovation, the coal gangue crushers being manufactured are wear better. Good- perform coal gangue crusher is with low fineness output, low noise, energy saving, convenient to use, etc. It well effects hard, dry and wet material. It does not plug, moisture percentage available, output fineness 90%.
Performance & Specialty of Coal Cangue Crusher:
1, up-down two shale crushing with two sets of rotor motif to each other. After up side rotor hammer crushing, the material is immediately crushed again by rapid rotating hammer of down side rotor. Material inside mutually reverse collide and crush rapidly, to achieve the best purpose of crushing.
2, unique two-way adjustment gap technology, the gap between hammer and plate becomes biger after wearing, and the particle size coarsens. This can be solved by adjusting hammer from center to the outside, to reduce the gap. Or by pushing plate to adjust the gap, control output size by yourself.
3, it is designed without screen in the grate bottom. It almost has no requirement on moisture. So it neither plug screen, nor charge small size and crush again and again. It is with high efficient powder outputting and no hammer wearing.
4, smooth operation and enough inert ance, two sets of rotor shaft end are equipped with the flywheel, the flywheel can adjust speed fluctuation of periodic operation. Smooth running, increases the rotation inertia, overcome resistance. It van save electricity above 20%.
5, Centralized lubricating system, non-stop note oi. Reform yellow nozzle and traditional way of filling lube oil cup. It is with one step, configuration to oil pump on the distribution, filling from different way. It is so convenient and easy to operate that it can fill lube all bearing and synchronous at the same time working.http://www.crushertrade.com/

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