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Jaw crusher's wear part-jaw plate

The jaw crusher mainly uses the striking force of the movable jaw and the impacting force of the fixed jaw to achieve the crushing purpose, during the process, the jaw plate of the jaw crusher is plays an important role. The most common malfunction of the jaw plate is breaking. After eliminating the aspect that the jaw plate manufacturing technology of the jaw crusher manufacturing company is not eligible, the breakdowns of the machine itself can be divided in to several types. The size of the material discharging mouth of the jaw crusher does not conform to the standard, so that when some big materials go into the crushing chamber, the load of the jaw plate will increase. The casting of the jaw plate has serious quality defect so that there is no quality guarantee for the jaw plate. If the quality of the toggle plate and the toggle plate mat is not qualified, when there is powerful impacting force and the jaw crusher needs self-protective operation, the toggle plate will not be able to break down itself in order to protect itself.
There are some other personal factors that may influence the jaw plate. After the pull-rod spring inside the machine is used for a long time, the tensile force will lose efficacy but the workers do not change the spring device timely, or the assembly of the eccentric shaft, bearing and the fixed lining and the movable is not eligible, so that the movable jaw changes its position during the working process, and it breaks impacting with the in-wall back-plate of the equipment. If the materials are fed unevenly, then the abrasion impacting strength will be increased.
During the daily production process, the workers should try to avoid the negative factors such as the damage of the jaw plate and the decrease of the service life of the machine. Only in this way can the production efficiency of the jaw crusher be greatly improved.
The solution to the break of the jaw plate of the jaw crusher: change new jaw plate for the jaw crusher, and at the same time, pay attention to the granularity of the materials that are fed into the crushing chamber. And according to the crushing ability of the crushing equipment, the workers should feed materials in a suitable manner in order to prevent some uncrushable foreign materials go into the crushing chamber. If the toggle plate mat is abraded, then change new one and keep the toggle plate and the toggle plate mat in a parallel position.Article from:http://www.crushertrade.com/

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