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Safety hazard of gravel crusher under construction

1.Elevated fixed platforms, walkways and access stairways should be provided with protection rails and toe-boards. Useful information on construction arrangements can be found in Standard NZS/AS 1657:1992. Inspections should take place with sufficient frequency to ensure that the floors, railings are sound and safe from moving machinery.

2. Where plant must be accessed that cannot be safely reached from designated walkways proper arrangements must be made. Climbing up or walking on places and equipment that were not designed for the purpose should be prohibited. Portable ladders should be of industrial type and any work off them limited to short duration jobs that don¡¯t need use of both hands, or require reaching out. Provision of remote lubrication points can reduce the need for temporary access.

3. Elevating work platforms such as cherry-pickers and scissor-hoists may be used by operators who have been trained in set-up and operation procedures.Scaffolding must be properly constructed using material that has the strength to cater for all loading that it may be subjected to.

4. Refer to Department of Labour publication ¡°Approved Code of Practice for the Safe Erection and Use of Scaffolding¡±

5. Suitable barriers or exclusion zones should be in place to prevent falls into crushers and other dangerous machinery. Note that the use of a harness and fall arrest device is a specialised area and should only be undertaken by people who have been suitably trained. Emergency procedures must be in place to enable a rescue within a few minutes of any fall occurring. Refer to Department of Labour publication ¡°Guideline for the Prevention of Falls¡±.

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