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The specific classification of Jaw crusher -Vipeak stone crusher machine

Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery was established in 1983..It's a leading company in crushing and grinding mining machinery field in China. The equipments from Vipeak are widely used in Engineering Stone,Construction Sand ,Milling Poweder.

In the present domestic mining machinery industry, crusher is the most mature product. The market the types have mainly crusher.they jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, to roll crusher, counterattack crusher,stone crusher etc, with jaw crusher is the most common types. Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgical industry, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and turn learn industries multitudinous departments, the broken compressive strength not more than 320 mpa various materials. Particularly in jaw crusher is concerned, and can be divided into several types. Star is the famous domestic crusher equipment manufacturers, the company has more than 10 years manufacturing experience and the crusher accumulated the rich crushing process. For everybody below we will detail jaw crusher classification.

Common jaw crusher has dual cubits board and single cubits board two kinds. The former dynamic at work only for simple circular arc jaws, so it is also says simple swinging swinging jaw crusher; The latter in arc wobble also make fluctuation movement, so it is also called complex swinging jaw crusher. Single cubits plate jaw type broken motor jaw plate the up and down movement have promote discharging role, and the upper levels of the trip more than large materials, is easy to be broken, so it is more efficient than the broken plate elbows. Its defect is jaw plate wear faster, and material will have been shattered phenomena but increased energy consumption. In order to protect the important components not machine because of overload and damaged, often will shape is simple, the smaller sizes for the weak link elbow board design, make it in the machine when overload first occurs deformation or fracture.

In addition, in order to meet different requirements of discharging granularity of jaw plate and compensation wear, also created discharging mouth adjusting device, usually in cubits board seat and back frame between add put adjustment gaskets or wedge iron. But in order to avoid replacement parts and affect production cut loss, also can use hydraulic device for practices presently insurance and adjust. Some jaw crusher also directly adopts hydraulic transmission to drive to accomplish the dynamic jaw plate, the crushing action materials. These two types of adopts hydraulic transmission jaw crusher, often referred to as hydraulic jaw crusher. With the continuous development of society, later hydraulic crusher will be widely used in mining machinery industry.Article from http://www.crushertrade.com

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