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vipeak used bentonite processing mill strong field

  • Bentonite is a clay rock, based on montmorillonite as the main mineral component of non-metallic minerals, processed through the grinder mill of montmorillonite with cation exchange and adsorption properties, the toxins can be used to remove oil, gasoline and kerosene purification, wastewater treatment; swelling due to good performance and dispersion and suspension and mud, so for the drilling mud, fire-retardant; can also do the packing and paper industry, can be attached to optimize coating properties such as focus, hiding power, water resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.; because of good adhesion, can be used instead of starch, sizing yarn in the textile industry both grain-saving, not fluff, oars, after the odor is not, really two-stroke too.
    According to incomplete statistics, China's current annual sales of bentonite products of approximately 270 tons, of which 100 to 110 for the foundry sand tons, for the drilling mud 70 tons for metallurgical pellet of 450,000 tons for oil bleaching (activated clay) 20 tons, for the other 20 to 30 tons. Industry is characterized by small-scale enterprises (annual tons a handful of enterprises), low level of technology, because it is resource-based industries and competition is not very intense, production and sales and price are increasing every year. In this context, how to choose a high-performance mill equipment is top priority.
    Zhengzhou Vipeak Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in Vico Heavy equipment manufacturing mill 20 years, the mill's production equipment Raymond Mill, YGM High Pressure Mill, YGMX high pressure super thin mill, MQX super small ball mill, HGM-ring medium speed mill, processing of bentonite 60-3000 head professional free adjustment, higher yields and more uniform fineness, bentonite is widely used in processing field, since its introduction by domestic and international customers alike. Tel :086 -371-67771000 more info:http://www.crushertrade.com

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