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Box crusher one also be called hammer crusher

Box crusher Product details
Box crusher, also known as square box crusher, hammer crusher. Structure is novel, unique, smooth operation. With the shaping function, and the establishment of parties like the product, packing density, the production process, the stone can be formed to protect the bottom of the fuselage without wear and durable. Small pieces with a special hard wear resistant material made ??of small size, light weight, easy to replace parts. Currently in the development of new, stone crushing equipment is widely used to replace the world's cone crusher, roller machine, ball mill models. Box crusher rotor disk driven by the motor to drive the hammer to do high-speed circular motion, when the material into the crushing chamber, the large material stacked in the middle of the machine dedicated Tam bar, the broken particle size greater than required materials along with new material tangent direction and hit the hammer back again broken plates, so thick, the broken step, and finally to meet the requirements of the materials are integrated grid after grid plate are discharged.

Box crusher "Features":

1. Feed size large crushing ratio, the material evenly.
2. Yield, 85% of the granular product in full compliance with the requirements.
3. Box crusher hammer shaft adjustable hammer and long life.
4. Grid size adjustable, controllable particle size, particle shape is good.
5. Box crusher chassis flip, maintenance more convenient.
6. Side handle bolts, impact resistance, abrasion
7. High yield and stable performance.
8. Coarse, broken in one step, the process is simplified.
9. High wear-resistant materials, hammer, grate plate and back plate, longer life.
10. Supporting power, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, less wearing parts.

Box crusher Scope:

Crusher equipment for this type of compressive strength in the upper hardness of various materials, the following one or two broken. Especially suitable for mining, building materials, chemical, metallurgical industry with the broken material.http://www.crushertrade.com

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