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Cone Stone Crusher note some parts replacement

Cone stone crusher machine production, and feeding methods, feeding fragmentation, degree of discharge block size, physical and mechanical properties of the ore, temperature and so on, have a wide range of manufacturing output is given under the conditions specified The approximate throughput.

1 rolling acetabular wall replacement
Rolling acetabular wall with screws to adjust the U-shaped ring, between the injection of zinc alloy, so closely integrated with a new installation or replacement of rolling acetabular wall, after 6-8 hours of work, should check their retention, U-shaped and re-tighten the screws.
2 wall replacement cone crusher
Cone stone crusher cone wall is fixed in the cone head on the body, zinc alloy casting between the two, a new installation or replacement of a new cone crusher wall, after 6-8 hours of work, should check their retention, should be immediately found loose fastening.
3 gear mesh
As the friction wear of the circular plate, the changes affects the gear gap, in order to ensure the proper meshing gears must be covered with additional pads on the bottom, the gasket should be equal to the thickness of circular plate of wear.
4 bowl bearings and seals
Bowl bearing installation, pay attention not to block the oil ring rope break something (and other objects can be used to support hardwood between the rope).
Assembly, should be scraping the spherical bearing, crushing cone and bowl to ensure that each sphere in contact with the inner cylindrical 0.35-0.5mm should ensure that the annular gap.
Perfusion around the bowl bearing the bar with the nailing of alloys bearing the shelves in the bowl, bowl-shaped bearing to prevent any rotation along the circular side.
Bowl-bearing frame and use the key (pin) fixed, if found in the work bowl with the bearing frame and the gap must be processed immediately.
5. Cylindrical sleeve and the body of the third frame with the transition, in order to prevent rotation of bushing, and the upper part of the bushing into the tank of zinc alloy, when the bushing should be replaced with new aircraft that the actual size of the preparation, because breakers after a long period of work and handling the relationship with the inevitable result of change. If the gap is too large will result in bush rupture.
6. Conical bush
Eccentric shaft sleeve and air together to study, injection of zinc alloy sleeve to prevent rotation, zinc alloy to be filled with all the space, due to thermal injection zinc alloy sleeve reason may cause deformation, so the new tapered set of inspection dimensions d1, d2 and B, etc. (see Figure 17) is not correct should be promptly amended when the manufacture of spare parts should be the actual size of the diameter of the eccentric sleeve to keep the original with the preparation.
7 Spring
The role of the spring when the breaker is not broken into the material to protect the crusher from damage, so the spring pressure and crusher crushing force to adapt to the crusher in the spring when work is not moving, only in the crushing chamber fall into the crusher overload when iron lift bearing sleeve spring is compressed phenomenon occurred.
The upper cone stone crusher beating occurred in the normal working hours, this is not a normal phenomenon must be carefully analyzed, the causes and take measures to remove, if the mistake does not compress the spring not only work, but part of the damage that may occur because of compression spring caused an increase in breaking force.
Crushers beat the top cause the following reasons: A non-uniform or to mine the ore to the ore contained too much B too many small pieces and powdered ore or humidity is too large C-port of discharge gap is too small.
8 exposed rotating machine parts, protective cover should be added, but the shield owned by the user.http://www.crushertrade.com

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