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How to solve the crusher in the powder volume work

Impact Crusher is mainly used within the rotation of the rotor cabin, driving the hammer final rotation to combat its impact stone crusher, stone under the action of the rotor colliding with each other to form a large stone spiral, increasing the material between the collision. In this process, the rotor rotation speed, blast large amount of small stone will leak, causing dust pollution.
Crusher at work, in addition to large amounts of air with the rotor, so that silt stone fly, and it is broken by crushing the material mainly through multi-stage crushing grinding chamber to complete, the fineness of the material to be broken more small, during operation, powder is easy to fly. In addition, its work is mainly done through the broken beat, will increase the amount of dust, as well as the impact will be back board for a long time wear, even worse, falling back board will be the case, this will cause Crusher sealing machine greatly decreased, increased dust pollution. To address Crusher large amount of work in the powder, the user, when used, can be also equipped with dust removal equipment, or plus cover closed, you can also access the material in crusher feed opening a small amount of water the material before the fight wet or directly with dust humidifier with the work.
To reduce the impact crusher work in the amount of powder, you can periodically check the parts of equipment, such as the lining, sealing machine and the device housing screws are loose connections, etc. to check on the machine do the regular maintenance and repair, will greatly reduce the amount of dust, and can also improve efficiency.
Impact Crusher Features
1 large feed opening, high crushing chamber to meet the material hardness, block degree, the product powder less;
2 counter plate and plate hammer clearance to facilitate the adjustment, effective control of particle size, particle shape is good;
3 Impact Crusher compact, machine rigidity, the rotor has a large moment of inertia;
4 Crusher high chrome hammer, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, impact force;
5 crusher adopts the key connections, easy maintenance, economical and reliable;
6 broken-function, high productivity, mechanical abrasion is small, the overall efficiency high.
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