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The difference bettween composite crusher and jaw crusher

Vipeak stone crusher machine tells you:Compound Crusher is also called gyratory crusher is mainly used for material crushing operation, and jaw crusher according to the production of material particle size, can be divided into crushing jaw crusher and crushing jaw crusher, crushing jaw crusher can meet the demand for crushing the material, since the composite crusher and jaw crusher can be used in crushing production job, can meet production requirements crushing crushing machinery, they are what is the difference?
Therefore, the efficiency of different forms of work are also different. Compound Crusher is a continuous production can be broken machinery, the production process smooth and reliable, low energy consumption, even granularity, high efficiency. The jaw crusher is
a continuous production of broken machinery, energy consumption is greater than the composite crusher, less complex products, grain type crusher, compared to the low efficiency.
Structural form, the compound crusher at work using hammer and back panels of material crushing blow, and jaw crusher is the use of jaw crushing operation on material for extrusion. Structure and production investment in the large difference: the huge compound crusher body, complex structure, the production of human material needs large investment, but simple equipment, jaw crusher, production and maintenance simple.
Different output: composite output is greater than the crusher jaw crusher, but the production output when demand generally consider the use of composite crusher, in general, you can use the jaw crusher. Composite crusher often applied in the preceding coarse broken, but because of production investment, but also instead of using the jaw crusher. As the composite crusher and jaw crusher can meet production requirements crushing materials,the choice of equipment to use Which, apart from the yield, production efficiency, as well as the cost of production up to consider investment in infrastructure.More info:http://www.crushertrade.com
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