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Jaw crusher of the six components described

Jaw Crusher is a material crushing, crushing the best equipment, the most widely used is the one of mineral processing equipment for stone production line, mineral production in the crushing of ore material. Crusher equipment routine maintenance to ensure the stability of a good operation. Equipment maintenance, we must first understand the construction of equipment, jaw crusher article describes the six major components.
I. jaw plate and side plate protection
Determined by the jaw and jaw jaw jaw bed and board composition, board is working, regardless of jaw, the wedge bolt and fixed to the jaw bed. Jaw jaw is fixed rack wall bed, moving bed jaw jaw hanging in the week, and have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing counter-force, which are mostly cast steel or cast iron.
II. Transmission Parts
Eccentric shaft is the crusher shaft, by a huge bend torque, high-carbon steel. Eccentric part of the required finishing, heat treatment, bearing with babbitt lining tile cast. Eccentric shaft pulley mounted at one end the other end mounted flywheel.
III. Rack
Up and down the walls of the opening frame is rigid framework for supporting the eccentric shaft and the crushing of materials to withstand the reaction, requires sufficient strength and stiffness, usually with a cast the whole cast, minicomputer can also be used instead of high-quality cast iron steel. Cast to be sub-rack mainframe, and then link into the overall solid bolt, casting complex. Made small jaw crusher frame welded thick steel plate can also be used, but less stiffness.
IV. Lubricating device square box crusher
Eccentric shaft bearing lubrication cycle is usually concentrated. Spindle and thrust plate support surface generally use the grease gun oil to the oil by hand. Jaw of the swing angle is small, so that between the spindle and bearing lubrication difficulties, often in the opening number at the bottom of the axial bearing oil groove in the middle to open a ring connected to the tank to make it, then pump to force the butter into the dry lubrication.
V. conditioning
Conditioning with wedge type, plate and hydraulic, etc., generally wedge-style, the wedge formed by the front two, the first wedge can move, push plate to withstand; wedge after wedge is adjustable, up and down Mobile, two backward slant wedge fit, after the screw so that the wedge moved up and down to adjust the size of the discharge port. Small jaw crusher discharge port after the adjustment is to use changes in the thrust bearing plate between the gasket and rack number to achieve.
VI. Flywheel
Jaw crusher jaw moving flywheel to store energy when the air travel, and then used for industrial form, so that mechanical work is in line uniformly. Also plays a role in the flywheel pulley. Often of cast iron or cast steel flywheel manufactured minicomputers often made integral flywheel. Flywheel manufacture, installation, pay attention to static equilibrium.
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